High Colorado

john-denver-03Oh, you better believe it! I wrote this song with the singer/songwriter John Denver very much on my heart. His music, often painted beautiful pictures of the West, to such a degree that I had to go and see it for myself. And when I did, I fell in love…most specifically, with the Rockies in the high country of Colorado. (Yeah, John, now I understand why you were always singing about this place).
Although I have been to Colorado numerous times, it was in the fall of 2012, while my family and I were staying in Steamboat Springs, that I stepped out onto the balcony of our townhouse at the Olympian and it struck me. Without a guitar in hand, the song was instantly there. It was the beautiful, Yampa River below, and the view of Emerald Mountain bursting with golden aspens that inspired this song, done and complete in a millisecond. 
John, this song will always be for you. I wish we could have sung it together. You left us far too soon, and I miss you. The goodness of your soul and that beautiful, pure, tenor voice I will forever cherish. Thank you so very much for making this a better place.