Thank you from Steven

Notice_Me_cover_smallHey, All! I wanted to say thank you to everybody involved with the music CD “Notice Me.” A video was made of the song, “Love” off of the CD (by John Sferra) and in a 14 day period has had over a million views on Facebook. The “likes” are numerous and the comments are touching to say the least. Thank you to everyone involved in the production of “Notice Me,” including John Sferra, James “Chip” Byers, Mike Baranski, Dennis Augustine, Mike Talanca of Tunetown and Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering.

“Notice Me” as a whole has been played in 88 countries through various mediums and is being featured at The last song on the CD, “ High Colorado,” which is a departure from the rock basis of the CD,(special props to Mike Baranski, who doesn’t even own an acoustic guitar, for completely nailing the folk spirit of the song with two different and borrowed acoustic guitars) is a song dedicated to the memory of singer- songwriter John Denver. John Sferra made a video of that song, as well, and it was viewed well over 100,000 times in a very short period of time. It was so cool to get comments from people that knew John(Denver), hung out with him, and even heli skiied with him. He was loved by all and by all accounts was a sweet and humble man. It was an honor to dedicate this song to him and his memory. It was also because of John Denver, and his beautiful music, that I came to fall in love with the high country of Colorado. (A place where I am currently residing with my family… Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be specific.) The natural beauty here has inspired me to write stacks of music. I often disappear on foot or on my mountain bike (I’ve ridden hundreds of miles in the past 3 months here up) in to the mountains where I am always inspired and am downloaded with innumerable melodies of which I later turn into song….. Jeez now I know why John (Denver) was always singing about this place… It is so indescribably beautiful… A touch of heaven here upon the Earth!

I hope to be back soon in the studio recording… I have well over 30 rock songs written. I’m also going to record about 12 arias from the Opera, Pucinni and Verdi mostly. Opera is my first love and where I learned to sing by studying the voices of two fantastic italian tenors Pavarotti and Corelli… Corelli from whom I learned the most. The voice will be much lager here as much more appogio (support) is required to sing over an 80 piece orchestra, without a  microphone. Also, I have written 6 aria/classical songs so far with another 5or 6 to come, of which I hope to record this coming year.

Special note… Track 5, “ I Will Live” on the CD, “Notice Me” is dedicated to Olympian, Todd Lodwick (who I have cross trained with… What an inspiration!) who I want to wish good luck and success to as he is currently competing to make his six US Olympic team in the Nordic combined and go to Sochi, Russia and represent the US  for the sixth time.! Absolutely amazing, Todd! Good luck and much success to you my friend! —Steven

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