Valerie’s Song (She is Love)

ValerieIn the Fall of 2004, I went to the home of John Sferra (the drummer) to drop some music off to him. (John and I had just recently got to know each other). John wasn’t home at the time, but his wife Valerie was and she took the music from me and asked me to come in and talk for awhile. 
Valerie, who was clearly receiving chemo therapy, made no mention of illness to me, but rather she spoke of love and the beautiful, meaningful things of life.
I was so moved by Valerie’s sincerity during the one and only hour I ever got to spend with her, that I was immediately inspired to write what would become her song, Valerie’s Song (She Is Love)…a song about selflessness beauty and love.
Sadly, Valerie passed a few months later. My hopes and prayers for her recovery didn’t come to pass, but the hour I spent with her I will never forget. This song is a testament to a life well lived and a life that will not be forgotten.

Valerie, this song is for you and John. Two of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life… and I’m so glad I did!